About Quantum Reflex Analysis

About Quantum Reflex Analysis


Have you ever been to a beginner band concert? Even when all instruments aren’t top of the line or played by experienced musicians, when one clarinet is too sharp or the trombone a little flat, everyone in the room – even non-musicians – know something’s off, even if they don’t know how to define it.

The body wants to be in harmony, too! Researchers have learned to interpret some of the signals the body sends and if we pay attention, the body will guide us in restoring equilibrium.

Like musicians in a symphony, our tissues, organs and glands can harmonize through measurable frequencies that are different from one another yet in sync together. In fact, each organ and gland has its own frequency that makes it unique and discernable from other tissue, similar to the instruments in our earlier example. The term “Biofield” has been created to describe this electrical aspect of the body.

QRA helps determine strengths and weaknesses within your body.


This work truly acknowledges that the body knows what is right for itself and what food sources will bring balance, strength and well-being.

What is QRA?

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), is a simple, safe, yet profound way of allowing the body to tell us what it needs to heal. QRA accesses and analyzes the body’s Biofield. Through this form of assessment, energy levels within key organs and glands can be checked. It also can uncover a suppressed immune system. This method of kinesiology testing quickly identifies key imbalances and pinpoints specific supplements are needed to bring balance.

When you are in full health, all of the electrical frequencies of your organs and glands, though distinct and unique, blend beautifully when combined. When an area of your body gets weakened through disease (or a number of other ways), the energetic frequency of that area changes, and the strength and integrity of these areas can be measured.

QRA is based on empirical observations in quantum energy and the emerging field of quantum physics.


If you struggle with a health issue, QRA is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.

How does it work?

QRA Practitioners use the Biofield as a template to identify and eliminate stressors that have reduced or depressed the body’s own powerful healing systems.

By relying on your brain’s feedback mechanisms, we can identify specific organs and systems within your body that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies. Once we determine where your body is stressed and energy-compromised, we can offer solutions that can support, nourish, detoxify and energize your body on many levels, as well as make other suggestions that your body might need to re-balance.

More now than ever, it is possible to release your body’s own internal, powerful, God-given ability to speed up healing, renewal and regeneration. Practitioners trained in QRA use this technique to define and eliminate stressors that have depressed your body’s healing systems that were created to bring you endurance, vitality and longevity.


How can QRA help me?

QRA stands alone in providing an accurate assessment of your Biofield. It locates areas within your body that may be weak or dysfunctional, determines the relationship between your Biofield and your organs and glands, and pinpoints steps to permanently clear disruptive, stagnate places within your Biofield.

QRA offers:

  • A comprehensive health-care approach
  • Immediate response assessments
  • Integration of practices including Oriental Medicine, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Clinical Nutrition, and Homeopathy
  • A technique to locate the body’s weaknesses
  • A way to determine nutritional formulas that support your body
  • Understanding of techniques that can systematically clear and rebuild your body’s integrity
  • A cost-effective way to rebuild health

Note: QRA does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn’t lead to a diagnosis. While the technique can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.


What can I learn from it?

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but within the body’s own Biofield.


QRA can be used to see:

  • Areas of weakness within the body
  • How your body responds to supplements
  • How your body responds to foods
  • What your body is weakened by (allergies, toxins, etc) How lotions, shampoos, etc affect your body
  • What specific things build your body so that rapid recovery can take place
  • And more

When the Biofield is restored and fully functional, a thimble full of nutrients can do the work that previously, a wheelbarrow full could not.
–Dr. Robert Marshall

Note: With QRA, we don’t need to know a medical term to determine which areas of the body are weak. We can identify these areas through medically accepted points on the body and use these same points to determine which nutrients would restore balance. The word “analysis” accurately describes a QRA session.


Why would an organ or gland test weak?

A body’s organ or gland could test weak for a variety of reasons:

  • If your vagus nerve function is impaired
  • If you have a dental infections that may be affecting a specific organ or gland
  • If you have stress in your body coming from parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, etc. These can create a toxic burden that your body cannot carry.
  • Interference fields caused by previous physical trauma (including scars, previous accidents, falls, puncture wounds)

When you stop and consider that our bodies must constantly cope with stress and toxins of all types, you understand why superior nutrition becomes the obvious choice in promoting optimal health.


The only things that can help us detoxify are plant nutrients.

How does it differ from other muscle testing?

QRA is based on the Omura Bi-digital O-Ring Muscle Reflex Test, a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. This form of muscle testing is simple yet proven in dozens of research studies to be reliable and accurate.


How long has it been around?

QRA is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development.

A growing number of pioneering scientists, some of them Nobel Laureates, have been diligently mapping the body’s Biofield patterns associated with healing and regeneration. In the past decade, this work has progressed to a point where effective solutions are now available.


How do you use QRA in your practice?

At Haber Acupuncture, I couple QRA with superior nutritional formulas. I test your Biofield with the QRA technique, and then I use it again to see which nutrients will strengthen the areas we found lacking energy.

This system is safe, proven and time-tested, helping even the most stubborn cases were other techniques or treatments failed to provide adequate help or relief.

Quantum Reflex Analysis has been an asset to my practice. Through this technique, you are able to see and feel your responses, and as a result, you know areas within your body that are weaker or stronger. You are also able to see how your body responds to superior nutrition and other life-strengthening supplements and determine if these might help you with situation.


What happens in a QRA session?

Prior to your appointment, you receive some forms to fill out and I ask that you complete these and return them to the office so I can prepare for your appointment. At the beginning of your appointment, we discuss these forms and cover any questions that may come up.

During the QRA session, you take an active role in this analysis. Together we work our way through the appropriate acupressure points to locate low-energy areas. Once the weak areas are detected, we determine which specific nutritional formulas, super food concentrates, and other health-building products that will best strengthen and restore vitality in these areas.


If you have a condition that you want to deal with, and you don’t want to waste time wondering what to do,  I encourage you to have a QRA consultation. 

How long are the sessions and what is the cost?

Initial QRA sessions are scheduled for 1-1/2 to 2+ hours. Follow-up sessions are usually 30 minutes.

Supplements are usually recommended in a QRA session and their costs are in addition to your appointment fees.

QRA pricing information can be found on the ‘Your First Visit’ page.


How can I contact you?

Gina Haber, L.Ac., DNBAO
424 N. Lake Ave., Suite 104
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Tel: 626.643.7244

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