Aka Dua (a ka’ dwa) is said to have originated in Atlantis, but oral history, mostly, tells us that many cultures on many continents enjoyed the secrets of this special energy.  It travelled throughout the world, being passed in secret primarily to priests and priestesses, shamans, and tribal leaders.  The Toltecs and Egyptians, in paricular, nurtured and refined the energy that has found its way to us in the form it appears today.  From Toltec shaman, to Toltec shaman, it was finally transmitted to a man named Koyote the Blind.  We have Koyote to thank for releasing the Aka Dua (Egyptian for “Innermost Light Shown”) to the planet in 2007.  Koyote was tasked by his benefactor/teacher, Cachora, to pass the Aka Dua transmission to 1,000 people by 2012. Koyote has long since exceeded that goal and is directly, and through his lineage of Aka Dua practitioners, responsible for what is now an international network of practitioners.  
For a more detailed history of the origin and application of Aka Dua, I highly recommend the book by Dr. Arlan Cage, a physicist and Level 4 practitioner, who has done an excellent and thorough job of exploring and explaining the Aka Dua.  Aka Dua Energy: An Ancient Energy Technique for a New Era.  I am only attempting a brief overview here.
It is important at this time, to appreciate that the Atlanteans before their destruction were primarily concerned with the evolution of humanity.  They created this energy as a technology.  Aka Dua is markedly different in character and use from other forms of energy such as Reiki, Prana, Quantum Touch, and others.
        * It is considered a substance
        * No symbols are necessary
        * The energy lives within and emanates from the practitioner
        * Aka Dua is made up of 7 distinct frequencies
        * It was specifically designed to assist humanity in the coming Consciousness Shift

What Are Uses and Benefits of Aka Dua Energy?


        * Healing – Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual
        * Creativity – Writers, Artists, Dancers and other performers, Athletics, Martial Arts, etc.
        * Clearing sacred space – For gatherings, parties, rituals, meetings, etc.
        * Heightened Intuition  and Psychic Abilities
        * Finding lost objects
        * Chakra balancing, astral travel, clearing karma
        * Charging objects and food with energy, such as crystals, jewelry and any ingestible
        * Enhancing personal relationships
        * MOST IMPORTANT: Spiritual Self-Development
        * Releasing blockages
        * Able to combine with other energy systems to complement, enhance and accelerate them
        * To calm or energize, to clarify and uplift, promotes well-being and deepens meditations

How Does Aka Dua Work?


The Aka Dua practitioner simply focuses intent to send it. When the sender is aware of and/or feels the energy’s presence,  the Aka Dua, which is physical and palpable, can be sent through the hands, eyes, heart, or even through ones entire auric field.  The recipient can be a sentient being, including animals, or it can be an object or a concept, such as “my relationship”, or “the annoying sounds ouside”.  Use your imagination!  Send it to your imagination!
The 7* distinct frequencies of Aka Dua are different in their characteristics and effects, and users report having fun mixing and matching the rays to suit various endeavors. The Aka Dua is not only used in healing but has application amplifying and enhancing artistic expressions, problem solving, emotional balance and so much more.  The most prized aspect, many believe, is its use to further spiritual  development.  Additionally, The Aka Dua can be used in combination with any other healing energy.  The only caveat is that it comes with a condition that it be used for only the benefit of all beings.  No harmful intent, please!
The 7 frequencies (plus one sub-frequency, Jaguar) are as follows:
       * Obsidian
       * Lunar
       * Volcanic
       * Solar (~~~Jaguar)
       * Oceanic
       * Atmospheric
       * Unnamed
These different frequencies roughly correspond to the 7 Chakras; however, we are well advised not to get too hung up on exact matches and ideas in this regard, because each practitioner has a unique interpretation, expression and experience of these vibrations and may come to disagree on these categories.
I am currently assembling a book of astrological categories and correspondences that I personally find intriguing and useful, and may become a reference for many users, most especially the new user who would like some direction and ideas on how to use this wonderful energy. 

The Levels of Practitioner


The Aka Dua consists of five levels available on this planet, out of seven possible levels. The first three levels are accessible to the ordinary individual. Level Four is only available to those who have attained a certain degree of spiritual evolution.
  • Aka Dua Level 1 is reached when the recipient receives a transmission of the Aka Dua substance. Over the next 14-28 days, the Aka Dua becomes a part of the recipient’s body. The Aka Dua Level One recipient usually has access to one or two of the Aka Dua vibrational frequencies.  All 7 are given, but most often, it takes Level 2 to fully open and access all.
  • Aka Dua Level 2 is reached when the recipient is given an attunement that allows him or her to individually access all 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua. A Level One Aka Dua practitioner may petition to take the Level Two attunement after 14-28 days.
  • Aka Dua Level 3 is a master level initiation at which the recipient can combine the 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua. The Aka Dua Level 3 Master can also offer the Aka Dua transmission and attunements to others.  Many report that they are now able to duplicate other energy systems using Aka Dua. 
  • Aka Dua Level 4 and 5 are not available to the public. They are available by invitation and attainable only at an advanced level of spiritual and energetic evolution. The Aka Dua Level 4 allows you to offer the Level 3 Master Initiation to others. No one other than Koyote the Blind is presently at Level 5.  He is currently working on attaining Level 6, and is training 1 other Level 5 at this time.
    I, Gina Haber, am a Level 4 Aka Dua practitioner.  I regularly hold free Introductory classes and offer the Aka Dua Level 1 Transmission, Level 2 Attunement and Level 3 Initiations, in person or remotely online.  All levels include the activation process, instruction, and the opportunity to receive instruction and ask questions. Levels 1 and 3 have Manuals.
    Aka Dua Healing sessions are also available.




Level 1 Aka Dua Transmission $100 (certificate $10 extra) 
Level 2 Aka Dua Attunement $100 (certificate $10 extra)
Aka Dua Level 3 Initiation $500 (Includes certificate and Manual.)
Aka Dua Healing Session $75 (1 hour in person or via Skype)