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Article, “Unknown Blocks to Pregnancy Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About and their Solutions
Article on Cancer, “The Dark Side of Pink Ribbobs” 
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Article by Gina Haber,
”Unknown Blocks to Pregnancy Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About and their Solutions”

After you have ruled out the most common causes of infertility, and your doctor has said there is nothing wrong with you and that you should be able to conceive, you may wish to explore with your alternative healthcare practitioner some of the following considerations that the allopathic community has no knowledge of, though they are remarkably common in blocking many otherwise healthy women from getting pregnant, and/or carrying the baby to term.

THE SERSLAND CYCLE: Though not originated as a theory by my mentor Dr. Sersland, I affectionately named it thus because first, I like the alliteration, and because I have been greatly empowered by this knowledge which he passed along to me. This cycle is something everyone goes through throughout the day. The common cycle begins at 6 am. Your hydration levels, hormone levels, energy/stamina, biorhythms, oxygen levels, pH and blood sugar levels all follow this cycle. At 2 pm all of these factors begin to drop. If allowed to continue unchecked, they will continue to fall to a level where it will then take 7-8 hours of sleep to restore you to the next peak at 5 pm. It is during this time that most people use some sort of artificial stimulant to recover from this dip. Ever notice how crowded Starbucks is at around 3 pm? Here is the problem if you are trying to get pregnant: Since all of the levels mentioned above follow this cycle, an egg attempting to implant will have to struggle and will most often lose the battle for life as oxygen drops, along with all the other factors. Many women have actually entered the first stage of pregnancy, only to unknowingly lose the embryo in this manner.

SOLUTION: Stop the crash in advance. Around lunch time, between 12 pm and 1 pm, make it a daily habit to have a specific type of nourishment. My favorites are Lean Body Whey (other wheys may trigger too much liver detox, and if you even might be pregnant, this is NOT a good time to detox) and raw organic honey, along with some Tocotrienes. In order to actually correct this cycle that most of us are bound to, one needs to pay particular care to the proper nourishment of the pancreas. How this is done will be covered in a future article, or you may call me for information.

“UNDERNOURISHMENT”: Don’t think that just because you may be a healthy weight and your hair is not falling out, that you are properly nourished to “house” a child in your body. I tell my patients first, to consider 6 months to a year to prepare the body, to build it up nutritionally in readiness for the big event. In other words, put the desire to have a baby second on the list of priorities, and move the determination to be a healthy and strong host(ess) to the healthiest baby possible up to the first priority. After all, you want it all; right? Many times we have corrected infertility just through correcting the diet and nutrition, especially when honoring the Sersland Cycle.

SOLUTION: My protocol of non-negotiables for pre-pregnancy nutrition include (but not limited to): plenty of the right calcium source; a greens mix powder containing all the nutrients known to sustain life; EFA oil; a live-source, nanized Vitamin B Complex (as opposed to the commonly marketed B’s that are coal-tar derivative, synthetics); a natural herbal source of blood boosting iron; and an herbal daily vitamin (commercial pre-natal vitamins are not acceptable). Additionally, the diet should emphasize organics and all the nutritional supplements should be free of “toxic tagalongs” and excipients, fillers and binders, including magnesium stearate. Remember, this baby will be draining you of much of your nutrient resources very soon. Give it the raw materials it needs to grow, leaving enough for your own sustenance.

INTERFERENCE FIELDS (IF’s): What follows will be a brief explanation. You may contact my office for further information. Human beings have what has been variously termed a bioplasma energy field, qi (che), a chrystalline matrix, subtle energy, and so on. This field of energy is so powerful and important to our health that it is actually pre-eminent over the physical body. In other words, you may think you have healed up from an injury to your body that happened years ago, but if the damage done concurrently to this energy field is not corrected, you may very likely suffer some consequences. This energy field is so powerful that when it is in complete integrity, healing possibilities are limitless. And so many of us are carrying a variety of “interference fields” from trauma to the body, dating all the way back to birth; and some of these IF’s actually reflex to our reproductive organs and interfere with their normal functioning. Our energy field being invisible, of course, is creating problems for you that would never be suspected by you or your doctors. Only a QRA* practitioner or other alternative healthcare practitioner can find these culprits, using kinesiology, and remedy their influence on the biology of the body. These possible injuries include surgeries, cuts, breaks and burns, piercings, tattoos, whiplash, sports injuries and falls (particularly to the tailbone) things that may or may not leave a scar, vaccinations, etc. Any injury to the head is 16 times more impactful on the functioning of the body than injuries anywhere else.

SOLUTION: Therapeutic mudpacks, using special volcanic clay blends. These restore the normal functioning of the body by detoxing and re-mineralizing these injured areas, and restoring communication that has been broken, along with the break to the field. Again, please call my office for a more in-depth explanation. One of my patients had given birth, but try as they might, even with IVF, the couple could not conceive again. When I asked her if the first child was a Cesarian delivery, she said yes. So after we mudpacked the resultant scar, they got pregnant right away and had a healthy baby boy. She told me that if it had been a girl, she would have named her after me. I said, “Next time.”

UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL BLOCKS AND LIMITING BELIEFS: Who among us does not have some of these? But many times they will block the body’s attempts to get pregnant, even when everything else is “just fine.” I once worked with a woman patient, using energetic techniques only (which take minutes, not years), and once we determined that her unconscious limiting belief was that she could not be a good mother and a good career person at the same time, we cleared that out of her subconscious and she was able to conceive very soon thereafter. Unconscious beliefs about motherhood in general are very influential on our ability to conceive. Uncovering some of these traumas and beliefs can be very satisfying and effective in moving forward with our heart’s desires.

SOLUTION: Find a practitioner who understands these principles and is trained in some form of energy psychology, as it is called, such as TAT (Tapas Acupuncture Technique), Psych-K, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, etc.

Lastly, there is the myriad of female issues that may be elegantly and effectively addressed by Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, which may be used alone or in conjunction with any of the above. These issues may include irregular menstruation; dysmenorrhea; coldness, damp or phlegm in the uterus, liver qi stagnation, and so on. Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF has shown to improve results by 67%.

Remember, the body is wired to heal itself. And the resolution to all illness or dysfunction, virtually no matter what, is the restoring of the body’s normal physiology. I hope this information has been helpful and broadens your field of options in the quest to reproduce. Good luck!




Article by Gina Haber on Cancer “The Dark Side of Pink Ribbons”

People who know me know better than to ask me to donate to cancer associations of any kind. “Horrors,” you may say. “How unkind and anti-social not to join in the war against our greatest killer disease. Why wouldn’t you want to participate in something so big, something that unites us? Whatever our interests or persuasions, we are all about saving lives and finding a cure.”

Well, let’s take a look at the cancer industry and what it is that you are asking me to support. We all know by now that the cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is thriving and doing quite well as a money generator for itself. I am certainly not against capitalism, but I am against giving money to support something while getting little of value in return, and worse, being harmed and egregiously misled.

The medical community has been involved in finding a cure for cancer now for over 100 years, but in the last 50 or so, in the War on Cancer, we have been given the treatments of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery as we know it today. In fact, the treatment of cancer has changed very little in the last 50 years, and that treatment has been found to be virtually useless and extremely harmful. Back in 1986, John C. Bailar, MD wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Some 35 years of intense effort focused on improving treatment must be judged as a qualified failure.” After all, as far back as 14 years into the War on Cancer, chemotherapy was found to be “somewhat effective” in only 2-3% of cancer patients, primarily in the rarest sites; namely, Hodgkins, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and testicular cancer. And there hasn’t been much change since then.

The statistics on survival rates for cancer are reported in terms of 5 years. According to the cancer industry, you are “cured” of cancer if you are still breathing after 5 years. You may still actually have cancer, but the reported rate of survival of 5 years fits their definition. If you die in year 6 or the cancer returns after 5 years, whether you live or die, according to this criteria, you are still “cured.” This is just one example of how the public is misled about the supposed advances we have been making in fighting cancer. Be careful in reading statistics about the efficacy of a new drug, as they report something called “relative benefit” which in fact distorts the truth about the drug and makes it appear much rosier than reality. Ask for or look for the “absolute benefit” for accuracy as to the effectiveness. There is a vast difference between relative and absolute. Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner said, while serving in 1975 on the National Cancer Advisory Board, “The American Public is being sold a nasty bill of goods.” And when asked about the National Cancer Program, he stated “It’s a bunch of sh__.”

But all along these many years, the cancer industry has painted the most optimistic picture, in order to keep garnering funds to propel itself. ” We can look forward to something like a penicillin for cancer, I hope within the next decade.” Cornelius Rhoads, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 1953.

“There is, for the first time, a scent of victory in the air.” Readers Digest Article on Chemo, 1957

“We are so close to a cure for cancer. We lack only the will and the kind of money that went into putting a man on the moon.” A Cancer Society full-page ad in the New York Times, 1969

“…with a billion dollars for 10 years, we could lick cancer.” Testimony to Congress from the Director of the M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, 1978, “Cancer deaths could be cut in half by the Year 2000.” The National Cancer Institute, 1989, “We are going to lick cancer by 2015.” Congressman Benjamin Cardin, 2006 It is this kind of “Good News” propaganda, that keeps the good folks digging deep and giving ever more, hosting marathons, and the like, to find that cure. After all, the “scent of victory” was in the air back in 1957. I don’t think that’s what it is I smell.

And what about this chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and its actual application and effectiveness over the last 50 years? What are we actually buying with our heartfelt donations? Well, “For most of today’s common solid cancers, the ones that cause 90% of the cancer deaths each year, chemotherapy has never proven to do any good at all.” Urich Abel, MD, University of Heidleberg, 1990.

“Overall death rates for many common cancers remain stubbornly unchanged — or even higher — than when the war began.” E. Marshall, MD, Science, 1991, “Evidence has steadily accrued that (cancer therapy) is essentially a failure.” NJ Temple, MD, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1991. Fortune Magazine stated, in 2004 “…the percentage of Americans dying from cancer is about the same (now) as in 1970 and (even) in 1950.” And from the American Cancer Society in 2007 “Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy seldom produce a cure.”

So this medicine is not effective. Is it safe? Sadly, no. Ask anyone who has received chemotherapy. It turns out to be a horrendous procedure that wreaks havoc on the body’s immune system, and which kills or nearly kills the people receiving it. Many of these chemicals are carcinogens themselves, and leave the body further vulnerable to illness and more cancer. Over 90% of people with cancer will have a recurrence. Survery after survey of oncologists has revealed that the vast majority of these very doctors would not take chemotherapy themselves, nor would they prescribe it for their loved ones.

But the cancer industry still delivers these solutions as the only way for a cure. The cancer industry relies on and plays upon the generous and well-meaning natures of most of us to fund research into more and more of the same. It is indeed a dark truth that feeds upon the good to perpetuate something bad.

This is not information that is generally well received by the public, either. Rather than fostering critical thinking by the masses, the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA would much prefer that we keep believing and perpetuating the myths amongst ourselves in order for the multi-billion dollar cancer industry to keep growing. They want us to believe that we are doing something good and important. There is resistance to learning that we have not been part of something very good, after all. It is upsetting to look at our own dark sides, as it were. And aren’t those pink ribbons attractive? They have become embedded in the group-think as being associated with something very, very good.

Look closer.

What, then, would I personally prefer to see done with these billions of dollars? 1) Clean up our toxic environment. There are something like 50, 000 new chemicals being dumped into our environment every year; 2) Fund more organic farming; 3) educate the public on cancer prevention and nutrition, 4) form a truly effective agency to monitor the safety of our food and additives. Many chemicals included in our foods in America have been found to be carcinogenic and yet, these same substances have been banned in other countries; 5) fund research into alternative cancer cures. There are currently doctors who are curing cancer without the use of drugs. Curing cancer, as in, eradicating it. We need more funding for the things that actually work and don’t hurt people. 5) manufacture more EMF protective devices and educate the public on the harm done by cell phones and other electromagnetic sources. Research currently suggests that cancer and disease caused by EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) will rival cigarettes and asbestos combined in lethality.


To these solutions I will gladly donate.